Working Group 5: Physical Protection in Support of Strengthening Safeguards


In the 2nd plenary meeting of the APSN held in 2011, some members of the APSN showed interest to include security in the work scope of the APSN. Since the APSN is mainly focused on the safeguards, it tentatively started as an informal working group.

After the 2nd nuclear security summit, interfaces among 3S (safety, security, safeguards) has been highlighted. Since the members of the security working group have their own experience in implementing security as well as safeguards, it will be a good opportunity to open a forum to share good practice and common elements of safeguards and security.



The overall objectives of the security working group are to promote the concept and implementation of security in the region and facilitate the cooperation and assistance activities to optimize the use of available resources to meet specific needs.



The objectives of security working group will be achieved through coordination and collaboration and by sharing information and best practices. To do this, the working group members will hold an annual meeting during the APSN plenary session. Additional meeting will be convened if necessary and workshop or forum on specific agenda will be organized if member states agree. In addition, member states will publish the results of the meeting and develop training programs what they need.


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