Message from the Chair

The APSN Chair, Mr. Seogon Ko of the Republic of Korea (ROK) was appointed during the 7th APSN Plenary in Tokyo, Japan in November 2016. Mr. Seogon Ko is also the Director General of Radiation Protection and Emergency Preparedness Bureau of the Nuclear Safety and Security Commission.


On behalf of Republic of Korea, I am greatly honored to be the chair of Asia-Pacific Safeguards Network from 2017 to 2018.


In order to reinforce and sustain national safeguards capability, the APSN has significantly contributed to enhancing network at the practitioner's level since its foundation in 2009. The Network has provided a regional platform to strengthen regional cooperation in safeguards implementation and share related knowledge and information. I would like to express my deepest gratitude to all the members for their concern and efforts, shown from the first APSN Annual Meeting in Bali in 2009 to the latest 8th Annual Meeting in Busan in 2017.


Recent nuclear tests and missile launches by North Korea pose increased nuclear proliferation threat as nuclear security threat in Northeast Asia. In this situation, I feel a tremendous responsibility to serve as the chair. Under my chairmanship, I will spare no effort to enhance nuclear nonproliferation system in Asia-Pacific region. To accomplish this goal, I would like to suggest extending the scope of cooperation at the APSN to export control related to the Additional Protocol export control declarations so that the Network cooperation encompasses a whole set of nuclear nonproliferation. We will gather various opinion of members in this regard and look forward to your continuing interests and participations. Furthermore, we encourage your active participation at the APSN web-site, which will facilitate sharing best practice in safeguards implementation.


As one of the founding members of APSN, Republic of Korea has taken great interest in bolstering regional nuclear nonproliferation regime. At this moment as the APSN chair, with greater responsibility, we will await your unsparing comments and suggestions for the better APSN.


Thank you.


Mr. Seogon Ko

Director General of Radiation Protection and Emergency Preparedness Bureau, Nuclear Safety and Security Commission, Republic of Korea


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