U.S. Study Tour on the Additional Protocol: Lessons Learned

November 5-16, 2016, 13 senior level safeguards representatives from 6 countries (Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam) participated in the NNSA "U.S. Study Tour for Southeast Asia Partner Principals." Sponsored by NNSA’s International Nuclear Safeguards Engagement Program (INSEP), the Study Tour participants visited the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) in Richland, Washington; Idaho National Laboratory (INL) in Idaho Falls, Idaho; and Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) in Los Alamos, New Mexico to learn from U.S. Additional Protocol (AP) ratification/implementation experiences to help advocate for ratification of and implement the AP in their own countries.

Saturday, November 5, 2016 to Wednesday, November 16, 2016
Richland, WA
Idaho Falls, ID
Los Alamos, NM
United States
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