Familiarization Workshop on Safeguards Implementation Practices - Establishing State Safeguards Infrastructure

The Guidance for States Implementing Comprehensive Safeguards Agreements and Additional Protocols was published in March of 2012 as IAEA Services Series 21 and updated in December 2014. Detailed ‘Safeguards Implementation Practices’ are being developed, which expand upon the content in the Services Series 21, providing additional explanation and share States’ experiences and good practices, as well as lessons learned. The SIP Guides are intended to share practical guidance for State or regional authorities responsible for safeguards implementation (SRAs), facility operators and by other individuals and organizations in the State involved in safeguards implementation.

Purpose of the Workshop:

This workshop will familiarize the participating safeguards practitioners with the SIP Guide on Establishing and Maintaining State Safeguards Infrastructure and, in the course of working through exercises and sharing expertise and experience among the participants, will demonstrate the use of the SIP Guides and the effectiveness of peer interactions to solve problems and continuously improve. The workshop also provides an important opportunity for interactions and engagement between IAEA staff and State safeguards practioners, and creates a lasting network of peers for future reference and assistance.


Participants will be current staff of State authorities responsible for safeguards implementation, or safeguards officers of nuclear facilities, and will have some practical recent experience related to the topic of the workshop. All participants will be expected to deliver remarks on a current project or challenge they are dealing with that is related to the topics in the SIP Guide, and to contribute in the discussions about the challenges faced by other participants. More information will be made available through normal channels.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015 to Thursday, October 22, 2015
Type of Event: