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Asia-Pacific Safeguards Network – Supporting Best Practices in Safeguards Implementation in the Asia-Pacific Region
The Asia-Pacific Safeguards Network (APSN) is a professional network that draws upon safeguards expertise in the Asia-Pacific to facilitate the exchange of safeguards information, knowledge, and practical experience among member in order to strengthen safeguards capabilities in the region. Launched in 2009, APSN has helped its members improve the quality, effectiveness, and efficiency of safeguards implementation by:

      • Supporting sustainable national nuclear safeguards capabilities 

      • Promoting regional cooperation in appropriate nuclear safeguards applications and practices 

      • Facilitating the coordination and provision of nuclear safeguards technical assistance 

      • Providing a forum for sharing appropriate knowledge on nuclear safeguards

      • Developing a network of national nuclear safeguards practitioners in the region


APSN builds upon existing activities and mechanisms developed by the IAEA and member organizations in order to capitalize on the unique expertise and resources a given member can offer to the rest of the network. APSN members believe that communicating, exchanging, and sharing safeguards knowledge and lessons learned are essential for establishing sustainable nuclear infrastructures throughout the Asia-Pacific region.


For more information, please refer to the APSN Statement of Principles.



 APSN consists of five working groups that meet annually:
(WG 1) Safeguards infrastructure implementation and awareness
(WG 2) Capacity building
(WG 3) IT Support, communication, and information
(WG 4) Model safeguards and security legislation
(WG 5) Physical Protection in Support of Nuclear Safeguards



(2013) Fundamentals and Good Practices of Safeguards Regulatory Authorities

(2011) APSN Safeguards Needs Survey and Training Providers Survey: Report of Findings



The Asia Pacific Safeguards Network is intended to be a professional network drawing upon the expertise available in the Asia-Pacific region to ensure that safeguards activities in the region are conducted to IAEA standards. Membership of the APSN is open to any government or government-affiliated organisation that is responsible for the application, implementation or development of safeguards in sovereign states in the Asia-Pacific region.There are currently fourteen Member States associated with the APSN. The IAEA has permanent observer status. For more information on APSN Members click here.






APSN Secretariat

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